Constructions in Mathematics

Constructing an Equilateral Triangle

Try having a piece of paper and equipment ready to have a go.

Constructing an Isosceles Triangle

Paper, pencil, ruler and compasses at the ready!

Constructing a Perpendicular Bisector and Midpoint

Put two points anywhere on a piece of paper and find all the points the same distance from both points.

Constructing a perpendicular line to a point on a line

Make sure you are trying this as well as watching the videos, practice makes perfect.

Constructing a perpendicular line going through a point not on the line

This one needs lots of practice so get a few pieces of paper ready

Constructing an Angle Bisector

This allows you to draw a line that splits an angle in half, perfectly. Give it a go.

Constructing a Regular Hexagon in a Cirlce

Nice exercise to practice your compass skills but can also be examined... try it out

Constructing a Triangle using 3 sides
Given a sketch of a triangle where you know the lengths of the sides, can you construct an accurate drawing of it?